Earn Money

Click and become rich? It’s not that easy. We show you on mypayingads.ch what you have to consider to make your efforts valuable so maybe your sideline becomes a full time earning machine! If you proceed deliberately, you can live well in the PTC business. We introduce serious PTC provider an warn you from scam! We registered our self to every provider we present and tested them. So you get first-hand information. For each provider, we have made an intensive internet search, to know more about the background (owner, used scripts an programms, payment proofs and so on). Of course, we can assume no liability, for despite all our efforts, we do not know the operators and their ambitions.

We recommend you to proceed as follows when building your new sideline:

Selection of the PTC provider: First and foremost is the choice of the PTC provider. For starters we recommend to choose the stable and reputable services that are on the market for years and paying their members on time. If you more secure about this business, you can take more risks and maybe get involved even in the short-lived stories. But basically you should use only as much money as you can lose without suffering financial ruin. Sort of like in poker.

Referrals: Only by clicking you earn almost nothing. The best thing to impove your income is many, many referrals! So keep spreading your ref-link, which you get the moment you join the PTC website. Every move your referral does means extra money for you without doing anything!
The referral system on each website is different. So you you have to keep an eye on it. Some provider pay commissions up to the 6th level of your downline! Little calculation: If you have 10 direct referrals and they have two referrals each down to the 6th level – how many refs are working for you? 630! Unbelievable, isn’t it?
What’s the ref-link? It’s an ordinary link to the PTC website. But every user who clicks on it and signs up to the PTC site will become automatically your ref! So distribute your ref-link everywhere in the internet with banners, text-links, e-mail and so on.
As soon as you have a numerous and active downline you can lean back and earn a lot of cash! It’s not that easy to get refs but keep on trying and you will succeed! Don’t forget your family, friends, co-workers, etc. But don’t forget: You have to keep your refs working! Give them some goodies like cashback as we do. Write them e-mail an keep them helping to get refs themselve. Ask you: What would you wish from your boss?

Exploit opportunities: Many PTC provider offer a lot more than just clicking. So keep your eyes open. Read the once in your life the terms of agreement. Usually you will find usefull informations. Take every opportunity! At least you will learn something new! Find out what’s the best for you, watching videos, like on facebook, leads, microjobs, grid-game, work off the to do list. Don’t let any opportunity slip!

Harness the community: On some PTC sites you can get in touch with other members. This shall you use extensively! Share backlinks for your site, sign up exchange, visit the pages of your new friends. The chances are endless and only limited by your imagination!

Targeted advertising: A professional marketing doesn’t mean just putting your banner or textads everywhere. You have to have a good strategy not only tactics. Inform you about online marketing so you use your money well.